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Some users are also suggesting to remove your DVD drive from Device Manager, so you might want to try that as well. I am trying to connect my Memorex 3202-3223 Multi Format Dvd Recorder to my Windows 10 desktop, but drivers are not automatically installed. So, later they were putting in a game DVD and it was running and nothing was coming up. Судя по Вашему скриншоту, Windows 10 как раз-таки не обновлена до актуальной версии. Нажмите на «Repair DVD Drive», чтобы запустить процесс исправления. Restart Your PC Restart your PC to apply the CD or DVD driver update. I trawled the internet and came across a piece of software called DriverMax from. Шаг 3: После запуска инструмента, нажмите на кнопку « Repair DVD Drive Icon ». In fact, you might even need to use a DVD drive to. Дидар: 25 июня в 08:38 Не запускается корел, Если открыть через файл, открыть то открывается.

The DVD drive not showing in Windows is a problem Windows users experience now and then. When this happens, most Windows users immediately start freaking. Understandably, because replacing the drive costs money. Money, you do not have. Fortunately; mostly the DVD drive not showing in Windows is not a hardware problem, it is a software problem. This article will help you troubleshoot your DVD drive and get it to show up again. Before you continue, and install it. Try the method below first before using DVD Drive repair, it is safer. Device Manager — Scan for Hardware Changes Restart your computer and take a look if you can see the DVD drive now. Method 2 If the DVD drive is still missing, you can try the following method. If this does not work, you might have a hardware problem and need to replace the drive. DVD Drive Repair — Just Repair When the program is done, restart your computer and see if the problem is solved. How does DVD Drive Repair work? DVD Drive Repair is not a complicated tool. The same can be accomplished by running the following command in an elevated command prompt: reg. I truly hope the steps in this article solved your problem. If another method solved the DVD drive not showing in Windows issue, please leave a comment and I will make sure to mention your method here. Leave a Reply This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It has not worked for me. For some reason, I cannot see the DVD drive. It says error code 45 but that is rubbish. I hardly ever used the DVD drive and it worked well with Windows 8. It is possible that it stopped after the Windows 10 upgrade and I did not know. Would you know how to set up the BIOS to boot order with USB, then HDD?. I am having issues with my system and it shows me a blank screen some times and the system boots but cannot see anything. So, I am frightened to put my system off. This started when the system was probably updated and it was in sleep mode. Then I got an error message that and error occurred and the system is collecting information. And why is the font on this so small?.

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