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With unlimited templates, custom features, and marketing help, this site has the tools and expertise to get your site up and running. And thez need a better system for plugin development a support. Chameleon is the most advanced version of matchmaking software to date. He will get what is coming to him. He provided me with the email and support ring documentation software prove it. Whatever your vision is, this company can supply the proper tools to get it done. If he did he would get his ass beat for all the slander he has posted on the Internet. In this blog always got something new. If you too want a better dating software app, check out SkaDate, WPDating, AdvanDate or others. Is Skadate even a real company. Using PG Dating Pro professional PHP dating your business idea into a big and successful reality.

I have been ramping up my site in which I purchased the template from skadate. I have been working with a project manager, Margareth, through this process thus far and I cant say enough good things about the support I've received and how user friendly the set-up part is for a non techy like myself. Let's hope this momentum and support keeps up! In the beginning all seemed fine. Great sales process, addon seemed great, and there is lots of them. Although lately their hosting server has been down many times, and many time the server runs very slow, or your see an message he server is out of resources. They suggested I get a real hosting package, so I did. They stated they would move the site for free due to all the troubles. Today is the third day my site is offline. Like they no longer care. I'm so sad and angry and do not have the know how to fix it.. I've spent thousands getting trademarks, hosting, software, and marketing. I fell as though I'm losing everything invested due all the down time experienced with Skadate. Hate to move software vendors, but am not sure what other options there is. Comes with the neutral and light layout for inner front end pages and mobile browsers. Therefor is exately what you need if you are using a very fancy custom one page scroll landing page powered by another script. Install skadate into subfolder and place links to it on your landing. Advice: just tell them what you need and what you are doing before you actually go ahead and do it. Lost several days trying to figure what turnd out to be a 1 min fix from their team. Im using Complete pack from Skadate. You get what you paid for. Apart from script itself which is working as expected , their team set AWS server for me with all that stuff I had no idea about before and probably would have screwed up if I attempted to do this myself. User migration service from my old site thats another story, but I wont name names - the first script I bought from another company turned out to be worst than crap to new site + new server also went very well giving amount of data that I had on old site. Lost couple of users due to invalid email addresses, but other then that import went seamlessly. Defenitly recommend SK for those who already have a site and feel like moving to a new scripe. Couple of words about my site first. I have clubs who would like to find members and members looking for a club to join. Well, Skadate script so far works great for me. Some features do not come out of box. Well I did expect this, thus got an Advanced solution with some free development hours to cover major modification of mine - connecting events to clubs. Events feature was there by default another awesome thing is ability to use third party plugins. Just needed some adjustments to get a more flowless process for my niche. Pleased with the modification performed. A word of advice - talk to Natalie and confirm all modifications details beforehand. She is very helpful in determining what extra stuff you might need but dont know about. Loved working with her! For me the most important thing was to have a SIMPLE dating site with min. In other scripts I had to dig into core files to get things removed and then had to pray that this did not break something else of the site. Removed forum, groups, slideshow and around 10 more plugins and guess what? That is being User Search and Matchmaking. I left those active on my site BUT did a bunch of modifications. After contacting their support I got general guidilens on what to do and where and what NOT to do. Taking more with VERY HELPFUL support staff I realized that you can actually fetch components of other plugins into any page. I set user search as a landing one for my site since after all the mods it gives a visitor quick glimpse of all my site can offer + calls for an action do a search. By the way, setting a new landing page turned out to be a thing you can do via admin panel. I even created a plugin based on standard plugin structure the guys at Skadate gave me. Contact me in private if you want to see the code. Sorry for rambling, but Im seriously impressed with this script. You can do anything you want with it and they help you a lot too. My project has been ongoing for almost a year now. Originally I had used a different Software Program but there were too many glitches once I tried to launch. I had lost time and money and wasn't sure where to go thereafter until I found SkaDate. I came across SkaDate in an online review and decided to give them a try. I am just learning the ropes to computer programming and every step of the way SkaDate has been there for me. You might read some bad reviews about this company but I would suggest you think about what's important; in order for any company to succeed it needs to make money. Does anyone wish to work for free? It costs time and money for SkaDate to operate and they need to cover their overhead costs. For all of the time that they've invested in me and have helped me in my opinion they haven't made anything at all. In fact they have been operating at a loss working constantly to help bring my ideas to life and get my website off of the ground. There are some key elements when selecting any company; customer service, product and then price. Customer service and Product Quality go hand in hand. Both of these elements are key to running any successful business. When deciding on creating a dating site you want to work with a great software program that offers amazing customer service. What I like about SkaDate is that they are ALWAYS working on improving their program. They constantly update their program and offer their customers more and more options to help make their website better. Isn't that important in the growth of your own company? I know it is for mine! You receive above and beyond the price you pay for their software and considering the potential income you can make once your site is up and running, its a small price to pay considering the potential ROI. I really hope you consider using their software. They are a great company through and through and they aren't money hungry as you might read, there have been many times they have helped me and did not charge additionally for their services. SkaDate thank you for everything you've done. I look forward to getting my site off the ground and helping you grow at the same time. Writing this as a developer creating sites on demand. Have great cooperation with Skadate going back a few years. Started with a single license under Master and went on to get several more licenses for different sites, including the latest version. Always had only positive experience, even when hit trouble with Arvixe hosting. Considering getting a personal manager for my next client, this should improve communication due to different time zones Canada. Overall, the best service among others installation, updates, etc. I have used skadate for at lest 5 yrs. Spent thousands and made no money , I have two web sites. I have wasted money with Skadate Seo support that was just a waste of money no effect felt ;ike i was scammed totally with the seo. The money and time I have spent with his company is very sad. You would think Skadate would want there there clients to make money. I know in 5 years i haven't. My site sugardaddysgalore modelsfind I have to say that if you absolutely have to choose dating software, go with Skadate. Developing independently costs a lot, but you have more control. So its up to you. But dont make my mistake and go in cheap. I went cheap with another software, and my god it was a total joke. But I kept on going, expecting miracles that never came. After another case with abysmal communication I had enough and went to Skadate expecting the same. But its apples and oranges, you cant compare the two. The approach with custom SLA is fundamentally different. I know what and when I get and I always get it on time. I get occasional stumbles here and there, but overall, this is pretty good. I recommend it to everyone looking for starting a dating site. Skadate is a good solution for beginners but you'll have to make some compromise. You get a whole system that supports pc and mobile. But most functions in mobile are disabled and many 3rd party plugins don't support mobile version. Some elementary things are missing. There are no smileys in core and the only smiley plugin costs 30USD and is not updated to the newest core version. Skadate is a good solution for small dating websites. But if you want to make big business, you must invest money for development and maintenance because most suggestions are ignored by skadate and you have many bugs if you use too much plugins. But you need so much 3rd party plugins because the core software is missing so much functionality. And many plugin developers don't support their own plugins. Individual development is expensive and you must invest again for updates. One example is video uploading. The core software doesn't support video uploading. You can just add videos from video websites like youtube. There is just one 3rd pay plugin for video upload but it just upload mp4 videos and has many bugs. You don't get any support by the developer. Skadate doesn't help you because they are not responsible for 3rd party plugins. But they make ads for their product with these plugins. Nevertheless the main functions are great and you can start with skadate your own business. The biggest advantage of skadate is the open source license. So you can customize your website at all but you must a be an expert or you should have money to hire experts. I would give more stars for skadate if they were able to realize suggestions and understood, that basics functions are not enough for a successful business. And thez need a better system for plugin development a support. I HIGHLY recommend SkaDate to anyone! The admin panel is easy to use. I got the hang of it pretty quick. Their themes are stunning, especially Mosaic - love it to bits. I was also very impressed with their support. I've read a lot of negative feedback about people saying that SkaDate is not helpful and that they charge expensive fees for support, that is simply NOT TRUE! I had to wait a few hours to get replies on my questions, but I got a friendly, helpful and professional answer every time! I would like to extend a warm thank you to Anna at SkaDate for all the time she has invested in helping me get my site up and running. Guys, you won't regret going with SkaDate. They are the best solution out there. I have worked with many matchmaking software, I still find this to be among the best. After a while cost is not the decider. For 5 years people have been asking for a fix for photos that come in sideways or upside down, and the best answer we get is 'it will be fixed in the future' There are other issues that have been going on for years without a fix. The fact that they hide from public their user forum was a big red flag to me. The staff are friendly and nice. BUT what is wanted is fixes to problems. The software up grade was to be early last fall, now the delivery time is June... I say fix a few problems and do an up date and work on others. I am not a competitor my website is www.

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