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I'm sorry but you failed. Now the main reason is to not battle the wild pokemon here is because Electrike has ability to paralyze the foe on contact, and there's some Electrike here. Let your weakest level pokemon battle him all he does is the move Splash which does nothing. Admins last pokemon will be a level 40 Golbat. Now go south and enter the path that was blocked to enter the Jagged Pass. This is a pretty good electric attack, so use it smartly. Now go to the other side to see an item which is TM-30. In the next room go through the door. Here is a guide that explains how to check if a GBA game is genuine or fake:. For Pokemon Emerald Version on the.

First, here are the Action Replay codes: NOTE: Some codes may effect existing item quantities in your bag. To correct this simply play the game without codes and toss or sell the extra items. Chimney 0D18- Jagged Pass 0E18- Fiery Path 0F18- Mt. Pyre 1 Inside 1018- Mt. Pyre 2 Inside 1118- Mt. Pyre 3 Inside 1218- Mt. Pyre 4 Inside 1318- Mt. Pyre 5 Inside 1418- Mt. Pyre Top Inside 1518- Mt. Pyre 1 Outside 1618- Mt. Note 2: Press Select after talking to desk clerk of any Battle Arena. Repeat for gold symbol. Note 3: Press R+A whilst EXP Gained is displayed. Note 4: Press L+R+Dwn. Use with Starter to Receive code. Note 5: Use one per load. Use with Receive Starter. Note 6: Press Select+A+A. Note 7: Use with Re-Battle Use one per load. Note 9: Use at MOD Shop. Select one item only. If anyone finds anymore codes, post them here.

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